Why setting goals didn’t work for me

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Juliet Elliott

Last year I entered my first races, having a go at closed road circuit races, fixed gear crits, cyclocross races and cross-country mountain biking.

Now, from reading this blog, and knowing my background as a pro-snowboarder, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m incredibly fit and that racing should come easily to me. WRONG! Back at school, I wasn’t particularly into PE, or any of the traditional school sports. And because of that, I didn’t really consider myself sporty; nuts really when I was going to gymnastics, dance classes, swim club and riding horses every day after school.

me as a kid playing cricket

The main problem was, I struggled with bog-standard/trad/boring fitness stuff. I was useless at running; I kid you not that I could barely manage 800m around the athletics field, and I found hockey annoying as you had to run so far after the ball, only to turn around and run back in…

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